June 2nd, 2004

smirking half-hawk

three good things.

  1. I did not injure myself at jujutsu last night, so I can go workout again tonight.

  2. The risky changes we made at work yesterday seem to have been successful.

  3. The TBR game lists are out, and I find them good.

smirking half-hawk

Canadian political linkies

Not quite newsie enough for nikkinewsnet, i think...

Religious percentages in Canada

I hadn't relised we were that Catholic.

Canadian Conservatives in their own words

Not really surprising, but nice to see in one place.

Metafilter discusses the previous link

there's some interesting discussion buried in there.

Canadian Political Spectrum quizzy!

I got NDP, unsurprisingly.

Jews top hate crime victim list

The article has a breakdown of who hate crimes are directed at these days.