June 4th, 2004

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Friday Five

Friday Five
1. What is your town/state known for?
Town: Toronto is known for being big, and multicultural and clean. In the rest of Canada, it's known for being big, arrogant and obnoxious.
Province: Ontario is known for being where Toronto is. It's also got the national capitol somewhere.

2. Everybody worries about something. What do you worry about?
I worry most about interactions with people. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night remembering an embarassing moment from 20 years ago.

3. Who are you?
Batman? An interstitial man.
4. What do you want to achieve in life?
Achieve? I've already got the things I really wanted. There's other stuff that would be nice, but nothing that would make my life a success or failure.

5. What would you tell the leaders of all the countries on earth to do
to promote world peace?
Food and clean water. Then education. That's a good start. But, really, looking at the "civilized" nation where that stuff is fairly easy to come by, that's clearly not enough. The only thing that seems to keep people from fighting wars is the threat of someone else beating them badly if they start. All we need is an infallible, omniscient overlord with really big guns.

Or, alternatively, reinstate the tradition of having the people who make the political decision to go to war fight on the front lines.
smirking half-hawk

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I had a retail spurt this afternoon. I went downtown, and bought Firefly on DVD, because I want to go through them again before playing Simon in Firescape at TBR. HMV, of course, has its 2 box sets for $80 sale, so I picked up Futurama volume 1 as well. neeuqdrazil wanted Buffy season 6 for the musical episode, but they didn't have any handy, so I stopped at the one pair of box sets. They do have the first 5 seasons of Buffy, plus seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Angel, as well as Family Guy and Futurama, if people are interested.

After that, I went to Future Shop to get some compressed air, since I like to have it around. When I walked in, I saw Warcraft 3 for $30, so I grabbed it; it came with WC3, the "Reign of Chaos" add-on, a strategy guide, and a copy of Warcraft 2. corwin77, you can have the WC2 if you want it; otherwise, it goes to whoever else wants it.

After that, I hit Harry Tarantula, where the owner was talking politics, and going into what a facist state we live in, because the CBC excluded the Green Party from the tv debates last election. I picked up "How Loathsome", a really nifty graphic novel, and what I think is the final Transmetropolitan graphic novel, as well as an SAS supplement.

Which reminds me, I want to schedule another SAS session soon... though I think I'm booked for the rest of the month until the 2nd weekend in July, unless people are free on Canada Day (which day are we driving to Kingston?)

I worked out three times this week, but only Tuesday night's jujutsu class was a "full" workout; Wednesday, I had to stop because I was starting to shake, and Thursday, I was only 40 minutes in before I moved wrong, and my shoulder started to hurt a lot again. I had an ice compress thingy on it for a while tonight. I'm frustrated with it not being healed yet. I'm hoping it's unsore enough to let me go to jujutsu tomorrow afternoon.
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