June 8th, 2004



Some updates;

We discovered this week that snails are hermaphrodites, and can reproduce on thier own. We discovered this when our snail (Nightmare, destroyer of worlds), layed what looked like zir own body mass in eggs on the glass wall of our aquarium. While we suspected that the newts and toad would eat the baby snails, we decided that it was best to remove the eggs before they hatched, so last night Zil scraped off the apparently solid lump of snail eggs and tossed them.

My shoulder is still bugging me; I'm going to take time off of working out for a while until it stops hurting, since I suspect I'll likely re-injure it again at this point, like I did last Thursday. I'm very frustrated with this delay, but I'm thinking that this might make a good time to go and get my tattoos touched up, since they'll have time to heal this way.

I'm quite looking forward to TBR in a couple weeks... I think StB and I finally have a good game to run, even if we did have to steal it from night__watch. Though, we've only got 2 players out of 7 that have submitted characters thus far, so I'm a touch nervous about that.
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