September 8th, 2004

smirking half-hawk


I got my Amber Con North game list today;

Slot 1: Event #1B - Trump Fiction
Slot 2: Event #2A - Nine Princes in High School
Slot 3: Event #3B - Force 10 from Avalon
Slot 4: Event #4A - Braaaaains
Slot 5: Event #5B - ShadowWorld (WWII)
Slot 6: Event #6C - Spatial Relativity
Slot 7: Event #7C - When the Queen Says, "Go and Die"...

I get to make characters this time! The last few cons, I've had mostly pre-gens.

StB and I's game in slot one was cancelled becuase we didn't get the minimum number of players, which makes me somewhat sad; I had been looking forward to running that gmae again, and hopefully getting the kinks worked out.
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smirking half-hawk

quick linky

I should be sleeping.

Nonetheless, this is too cool to not post. I may have posted in the past. It's still cool. Wanna see what the tunnels that run under Mt. Pleasant cemetary look like?
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