October 14th, 2004

smirking half-hawk


Today was the first morning where the sun was defninitely below the horizon when I left home.

It probably would have happened sooner, but I've been leaving a bit late this week.

Mornings are anti-good, I sez. Wanna nap.

My body seems to be trying to acquire mild insomnia. I dislike this new trend. I am probably not helping by messing around and occassionally seeing how far I can push myself in terms of low sleep. I'm looking forward to sleeping a lot this coming weekend. The weekend after that, I will start the week with concerts Sunday and Monday night, which will likely offend Sleep.

I'm going to take a day off either the 25th or the 29th. The 25th has the advantage of possibly getting me more sleep to start the week off, but the 29th means better preparation for CHEESE, and opens the possibility of maybe putting in an appearance in Hamilton to double my Halloween party goodness this year. On the other, other hand, if I'm not at work on the 29th I lose my chance to traipse around work in costume.

To sum up, *whine*.
smirking half-hawk


It's past time the I got my geek on. I want to get another role-playing session going. Location is up for discussion, as is convenient. I figure that the game we play will depend on who shows up.

This weekend is off-limits for me, but the next weekend, the 23rd/24th could have gaming in. The weekend after that is CHEESE, and so prolly not the best weekend for it unless some people feel like showing up early to play. Though as far as that goes, if people show up early, we might play some Settlers of Catan until the party gets into swing.

The weekend of Nov 6/7 is free according to my calendar, as is Nov 13/14.

The weekend of Nov 20/21 we have gamer house guests, and will be hosting the Beta Colony Birthday Bleck. Role-playing might work for that Bleck, but that would depend on the interest of the Gamer Guests (athena_lindia and her Red Headed One). Settlers of Catan is also likely, I suspect.

The last weekend of November is also open.

So, anyone have weekends they'd like to play on? I've been spending too much time sitting around reading game books, so I need to play/run something.