January 30th, 2005

smirking half-hawk


I am craving more music in my collection. I have enough music now that I'm looking at "shaping" my collection so that the proportions are the way I want them. It's hard to maintain playlists when I have 3351 tracks. So I typically just leave it on random and skip things I don't feel like listening to. The problem occurs when I get an influx of, say, Tom Waits, and, by sheer volume, shift the mood of what comes up on random. The easiest solution to this would just be to add more music to balance out Tom Waits et al. I want to go and buy several hundred dollars worth of bleepy European EBM and North American Industrial music.

I can't, just now, so I am whining about it instead.

Ah the problems only moody yuppies have.
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    Girls Under Glass - New Gold Dream
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