February 27th, 2005



The nights of strong dreams continue.

Last night featured an ACUS anxiety dream with special appearances by physical discomfort imagery. The only good part is that, in the dream, I had a car.

I'd like to start having some good dreams.
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Pile of links

I borrowed a lot of these from other people throughout the weekend; I can't recall where I found most of them now, so if I've stolen from you and not acknowledged it, I apologise.


I think that this is a hoax; I'm pretty sure, among other things, that at least one of the stars on the celeb sightings page is a vegetarian.

Suspension of Disbelief

People nitpick comics for their reality.

Misty Beethoven: the musical

A porn musical with a singing penis. Check out the trailer when you aren't at work. I do recall that soaring_phoenix was responsible for finding this one.

Lesbian's picture cut from yearbook

Since when was a woman in a tux a threat to the established order?

Winnie does math

Danica McKellar, Winnie from The Wonder Years, offers math help, and has a degree in math.</ <dt>FHM Philippines gives advice</dt>
Is this really what girls are looking for in FHM? Then again, its been a while since I read Cosmo's sex tips. It might be, I suppose.

Ill Will Press

Flash animations featuring a caffinated squirrel and a goth girl in her underpants.

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