March 9th, 2005

smirking half-hawk

ACUS pondering

Hrm. Should I try to do Mandor or Brand for the costume LARP thingy? On the one hand, Brand would be easier, since my hair's currently red. On the other hand, Mandor would be an excuse to get dressed up and buy a wig.

On another ACUS related point, how long is the drive from Toronto to Livonia, assuming one doesn't exceed the speed limit?
smirking half-hawk

car stuffs

We went to the toyota dealership on Monday night, and took a look at the Echo.

I found that the inside was a bit too small for comfort for me; I couldn't get the seat to go back quite far enough, and I'm not that tall. It was better to drive than the Accent, but not as nice as the Civic, so I think that we're going to go with that.

I'm trying to get an online quote for insurance to make sure that we can handle that, financially speaking. Once that is cleared up, we can go and buy the car - hopefully by this weekend, so we should actually own a car by next week.