April 6th, 2005


update on the now

Update on the past and future still to come.

We're having a potluck thingy at lunch today. I forgot to make yoghurt cheese Monday night, so the ever fabulous neeuqdrazil got the yoghurt straining while I was at the gym. I ended up staying up a little bit late getting the cheesecakes done. I made three - two saffron lime cheesecakes, and one "Indian" cheesecake (flavoured with rosewater and cardamom, topped with pistachio bits). One of the saffron limes is staying home, while the other two are now here at work. They're all low fat, and relatively low calorie (made with splenda and low fat yoghurt), so it's even pretty healthy.

I also brought salad for the potluck, but we will see if anyone actually eats it besides me - even our vegetarians tend to be kind of down on "rabbit food".

I woke up this morning with a mouth full of blood, which was unexpected. I think it is time to turn the humidifier back on again...

I am very tired... hopefully I will be able to get to bed on time tonight.