April 14th, 2005

thorn-crowned sun

what, more?

I am Updatey-McUpdatePants this morning.

The gym has been kicking my ass lately. This is not too surprising, since I haven't been going as often as I should in the past few months. On the upside, I'm in a phase where I'm able to up the weight I'm doing. On the down side, the way timing has been working, I've been ending up trying to fit my three workouts a week into Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so my body is pretty sore by the third day (I have a three day weight rotation, so I'm not repeating weight in that cycle, just cardio, pushups and abs). I'm debating whether or not I should go to the gym tonight. Because I rotate the weights I do, that part of the workout isn't really a problem - what kills me is the cardio portion, because soreness = less energy.

Part of me says "Take the night off, rest up and go Friday while Zil is at the Opera". Part of me says "Go to the gym! The harder you push now, the faster you'll get back into the swing of things and lose the weight you;ve been putting on since xmas." I have to go home after work regardless, since I drove today. This gives me much opportunity to waffle!

Mmm, waffles!
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Stop me, before I update again!

I took yesterday off as compensation for the Hell that was this weekend past.

I slept in for a couple hours, then set off to be super productive! Or, at least, to do all the things I had hoped to do on the weekend.

The first thing I discovered was that Wednesday morning at 8 is apparently a very busy time for the laundry room in our building. Who knew?

Once laundry, etc. was done, I went out to the grocery store to buy things that are too bulky/heavy to walk back with (kleenex, milk, etc.), then lunched.

After that, I went to the gym, and had a good, if tiring workout. One of the nice things about going during the day is that I can actually get into the studio and go through my kung fu forms, which is pretty much impossible in the evenings.

I then went off to spend money on electronics, and was disappointed to find the staff unhelpful, and ipods unavailable. We may end up driving out to find other Future Shops or Best Buys this weekend to get the new VCR, regardless of whether I decide to spring for the ipod or not.

After that, I had a lovely evening with a lovely lady, including such highlights as Salad King, a relaxing walk, and most importantly, fantastic company.
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Yet more monkey posts!

I'll stop after this one.


So, there were various people interested in my proposed activites a little while ago.

No one seemed to have strong preferences for dates, so I am going to pick some!

I am calling a gothclubbing for April 22nd or 23rd, with my preference going for the 23rd, becuasei like Saturdays better.

I am also calling the weekend of April 30th as wine time. If no one else wants to host it, I will - the location is certainly convenient for me, but not so much, I think, for others unless they want to crash at Beta Colony. We have the couch which can sleep two people, plus the air mattress which can theoretically fit another two, and we can rig up something with sleeping bags and cushions for one more if need be.

The basic premise is to get together and drink several bottles of wine. Bread, cheese and fruit are also likely to show up. If a Hamiltonian hosts it, Zil can drive me home, so we can handle the commute. Do we have interested peoples?