April 17th, 2005



(I meant to post this last night, but I fell asleep instead)

Today has been a good day.

I finally got my breakfast out. I ate too much, but I got my damned wheat cakes at last.

Then shopping. A new VCR was got. I also broke down and bouhgt myself an ipod. Not the 60 GB photo ipod I'd been looking at, but a "previously opened" 40 GB ipod, which does everything I wanted, and leaves some money to seed the tattoo fund. It also gives me time to finish my research for the tattoo I want. Depending on time, money and health, I'll likely get the ink late summer, or somewhere close to my birthday. If you happen to know of any good sources for norse art featuring ravens, let me know.

I also picked up enough booze for a partial rejuvenation of the bar, including 5 bottles of wine that I'm reserving for the wine party, when ever that happens.
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More attempts to work out when and wheres;

Gothclubbing; I am going to go out this coming Saturday night. At present, no one has said that they are goign to come along.

Vampire: There is V:tM happening at Casa de Pez Sunday. I am going to need a lift from the bus stop/station, since Zil will have the car in Guelph then. Can anyone help a poor monkey out?

Wine Party: Apparently my choice of the weekend of April 30th for this was a bad one, since this weekend is trying to triple or quadruple book itself even without the wine party. Any suggestions for weekends in may that would work for that? We might go to TO Kink that weekend, or something else might happen. No solid decisions as of yet...

May: I think I am going to try to make it to KW at least once in May. I don't think we have anything booked for the May 24th long weekend yet. We also still need to pick a Mage weekend, and various peoples have birthdays in May.

If there's anything I should be scheduling myself for, but haven't let me know in comments, or via e-mail.
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