April 21st, 2005

smirking half-hawk


My three "fluff/fiction" books;

* John Betancourt's "The Dawn of Amber". I just had to know... I took this out from the library. Betancourt clearly loves Amber, and clearly doesn't Get It. His plot requires both Oberon and Dworkin to be idiots. I am going to keep reading these things until I can't take it any more, because I have masochistic streak.

* Charlie Stross' "Singularity Sky". Good book. It manages to hit on pretty much every common meaning of the word "singularity" that I can think of. I'm requesting more of his stuff from the library, because I need something good to clean my head out after the Betancourt.

* Spider Robinson's "Very Bad Deaths". Classic Spider. Very short - I read it in a single day, which is odd for me. The plot and characters are pretty much what one expects from Spider Robinson, but I think the writing style is a little more ambitious than his older books. Definitely enjoyable.