April 29th, 2005

smirking half-hawk


Between corwin77's new PBeM game starting up, and the micro fic that memento_mori has been posting, I've got a creative itch to scratch. I want today's work to be over and done with so that I can spend my time on that.

I need a hair cut. I'm starting to get Brian Froud/Tony di Terlizzi faerie hair.

Due to Lizard sickness, my plans for this weekend are unlikely to happen... I will still try to help StB move, but I think going to TOKink is pretty much off.

It is hard to find good lines from music I like to use as MSN taglines, because work people are on my MSN list, and they'd likely get a bit upset if I put something scary or blasphemous.

This has been your random things from curgoth's head report.