May 6th, 2005

smirking half-hawk


Neologism for the day, inspired by a typo - proncess, alternately spelled pr0ncess. Based off of "princess", it refers to Paris Hilton-esque spoiled princess types with publically active sex lives.

I don't know that I'd be comfortable actually using this word myself - it smacks a little too much of using "slut" as a perjorative word, which I'm not too comfortable with either. But, having had the idea, I decided that I had to pollute the memesphere with it anyway.

You're welcome.
smirking half-hawk


We need to pick a weekend and a place for a wine part in June - When are people available? Where ever people want to have it, I will get myself, and my five bottles of wine. Beta Colony is available to host, but out of stumble range for Hamiltonians. Anyone interested?

I'm off to Phoenix tomorrow, so I may be online a lot less. Or not, depending on how much network access there is, and how much I drag my laptop around over the course of the conference.

I may spend the next week twitchy, lonely and bored out of my skull. Or, I may have a good time.

I hate airports.