July 11th, 2005



The story of my weekend;

Friday night, I left work, and picked up the Lizard at her office then off we went to Kingston. Traffic sucked - we were down to 40 kph as we crawled past Oshwa. It was heavier than usual all the way to Kingston.

Saturday, we hung out with athenalindia and her TRHO. After lunch, I took off to give the girls time to do girl things (which are really only girl things for those particular girls), and went to the gym in downtown Kingston, which was pretty nice - a little run down in spots, but big, well stocked, and mostly empty. In the TMI dept., I've had to start spraying disinfectant on my gym headphones, because they get soaked with sweat that doesn't dry out between workouts in this weather. So they stink alot. They disinfectant stuff seems to be clearing that up, thankfully. My workout gloves likely need to be replaced, since they haven't survived washing well.

After that, we went back to LizardRents place for steak and salads. We then went to the Brew Pub, which had oatmeal stout (yay!) and a cran-apple cider (yay!). When we headed out, I was tipsy, and demanded poutine (not something I should be eating, but I had been craving it for a while). The LizardMom nearly had a heart attack when she saw us eating it.

Sunday, I was getting suffocated by the long haired cat, so spent most of the morning roasting in the shade outside with my book. Then we headed back to TO for more driving through afwul traffic. This time, the blame can squarely be placed on RVs and campers, both of which seem to do 80, until they want to pass a truck - then they move into the left lane and drive 90-100 until they pass the truck, which takes a while at that speed. By the time we go to TO (which had bad traffic because the Gardiner was closed for the Indy), it was later than we'd planned, so we went right on to webby's place for BBQ fun! There was meat, and good people. I managed to get a nice sunburn on my shoulders in the 1.5 hours we were out there.

By the time we got home, I was one tired, red monkey.


Books recently read:

  • In The Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification by Victoria Pritts. My "serious" book. The language was a bit dense in spots (I didn't know what things like "post-essentialist" and "post-structuralist" meant, for example), but I pushed through, and ended up getting a lot out of it. There was a lot in here, but the biggest theme I picked out was that body image is like aart - it's a communication. Both the person who's body has been modified and the person viewing that body contribute to the "conversation". Most of the modern body modification groups espouse the practice as something along the lines of freedom to rewrite body-identity, a way to own and rewrite the symbolism of the body. Pritts comes to the conclusion that the individual can realy only do so partly, because the viewer will always bring their own symbols, biases, and cultural background into the interpretation of the body, regardless of what the body artist thinks. There's a lot more to the book - I am pondering writing a longer review later - but I think that was the biggest theme of the whole book.

  • The Specials by corwin77 - StB's NaNoWriMo book. Great story, and like most NaNo novels, needs a lot of polish. He and I are talking about turning this into a comic/graphic novel type thing with me as artist.

  • Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold. Mmmmm, Bujold. The sequel to Curse of Chalion does not disappoint.

I am soon going to need to figure out what my next "serious" book will be. I'm considering trying to find Dick Hebidge's Subculture: The Meaning of Style. If the library doesn't deliver in time, I may do something different, and finally read The Tao of Jeet Kun Do by Bruce Lee.

I'm trying to decide if I want to count The Specials towards my three fiction books - it only took me a day to read, and I have two shiny new fiction books sitting waiting for me...