August 15th, 2005


Exciting morning

It has been an exciting morning. After spending the entire night shivering with fever, despite Tylenol, neeuqdrazil started puking this morning, and had pain in her abdomen. After a call to telehealth, we gathered ourselves up and went to the emergency room. After a couple hours of waiting in an exam room thingy, the Doc came by and diagnosed stomach flu, and sent us home.

neeuqdrazil is trying to sleep in the bedroom, curled up next to a bucket. I'm going to stay here for a while to make sure she's ok - she in a lot of pain, and she's pretty weak. I've stocked up on gatorade to keep her going.
smirking half-hawk


August is always busy...

corwin77 and I are yet again going to try to make it to this - on Saturday August 27th. Anyone else wanna come?

The next day, August 28th, there is RennFesting to be had - daeneris is setting up a poly group rate thing for that day, but even if you're not poly, you should come that day, because I will be there.