August 26th, 2005

smirking half-hawk

alt friday five

From the altfriday5:

1. Tell us something prosaic that you really should do.

Find a good doctor.

2. Tell us something abstract that you really should do.

I should conquer my fears

3. Tell us something interpersonal that you really should do.

I should get to the bottom of it

4. Tell us something regretful that you really should have done.

I should have kissed her. Her, too.

5. Tell us something career-oriented that you really should do.

Ask for a promotion, and jump through the needed hoops to get it.

And bonus question, if you're feeling up to it: 6. Tell us something absurd that you really should do.

I really should build a secret base underneath Casa Loma and use it to fight crime in a black leather outfit.
moon and stars


My Dream skirt came today! It seems to fit well, and it's a lot more solid than I'd expected - I should be able to wear it year round, though winter might require tights underneath. I may wear it tomorrow night as something to change into after a day of sweaty paintball in the woods.

On the down side, I discovered that my doc doesn't do phone renewals of prescriptions, so I am going to have to go see her every time I need my eltroxin replenished (every three months, roughly), which I dislike - it leaves me at the mercy of her overbooked schedule, and means I will lose a day every three months just to get my prescription refilled.