September 29th, 2005

smirking half-hawk

three good things

When you're grumpy and feel like everything sucks, post just -three- -good- -things-.

  1. I have two more bottles of the excellent chocolate stout.

  2. Serenity tomorrow! And hopefully MirrorMask Saturday.

  3. I have confirmed that I am only working two Saturday nights in October, and not three.

smirking half-hawk

good idea.. bad idea

good ideas:

  • making beef barley soup

  • making baked apples

  • putting both in covered containers

  • reducing the leftover liquid form the baked apples to a syrup

bad idea:

  • reducing the syrup in a pyrex pan, thinking that frequent stirring and moving of the pan would be enough to keep the pan from exploding. I'd like to blame alcohol for this decision, but I suspect I would have mde the same call sober. Now, to find out where that blood is coming from while I wait for the glass to cool enough to dispose of.

almost a good boyfriend...

(edit: no glass seems to be embedded anywhere on my body, so no injuries are serious, except to the pan.)
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smirking half-hawk

further comment of exploding the kitchen

I had been thinking earlier that the kitchen really needed to be cleaned, especially the top of the stove.

It is now much cleaner.

In such ways does the universe move through us. In my solipsistic philosophy, much of what we call "fate" is our own unconscious minds acting through us.

So I get to blame both fate and myself.

On the plus side, the apples are tasty, and not filled with glass.