October 12th, 2005

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Historically, I've always been pretty socially awkward. I have a theory that I missed out on some key part of socialization, and missed out on something that other people use to interact. With 98% of the population, I just don't really seem to be able to figure out how to communicate with them.

Fortunately for me, there's that last 2% with whom I'm able to just click with almost automatically. I've only met less than a dozen people like this in my life.

I remember years ago watching a "making of" special on the X-Files. David Duchovny was talking about his character Mulder, and relating it to a man he knew who was socially awkward, but had a fantastic wife. The man referred to his wife as his "human credential" - she was sufficiently fabulous that the people they knew figured that there must be something to him because she saw worth in him. She was proof that he was a worthwhile human being.

I tend to feel that way about my 2%. Those few people I can actually talk to vouch for me, and in time familiarity serves as a substitute for normal human behaviour.
psychic monkey

Little things

The beard is going strong at two weeks. It looks beardy, and should be solidly filled in by the end of the third week of beardiness. I do not know how long the beard will last - I suspect I will shave it off before the Dresden Dolls concert on the 25th for fancy-dress-up reasons. Beards don't go well with eyeliner, and they certainly don't go well with lipstick.

Speaking of makeup - anyone know off hand where to buy red eyeshadow? I've never noticed it at the drugs stores where I usually go when I want to look pretty - are people just using red lipliner, or am I shopping in the wrong places?

The drive in sucked this morning - there was a tractor trailer turned over in the collectors right around the busiest part of the 401, so despite leaving home at 6:45, I didn't get in until around 7:45. So much for getting in stupid early since I was up anyway...

I feel like obessively listening to VNV Nation songs and reading along with the lyrics while I do so. I am going to finish my Java homework instead.