October 20th, 2005

smirking half-hawk


Yesterday sucked donkney balls. Not because of any one thing, but due to a collection of suck.

Today seems similarly inspired, and so...

Three. Good. Things.

1. I encountered a nice SUV driver on the way in who let me into traffic. In my neighbourhood, it is very, very rare to encounter a nice SUV driver, and very common to encounter SUVs.
2. My ipod only partly shit its pants this morning, so I did get some music for the drive in.
3. The unsettling bump was only an ingrown hair.
smirking half-hawk

Something other than whining

Since I'm stuck here for a while anyway, I shall post more.

When I took my lunch break, I drove down the street a bit to Streetsville. I spent the early years of my childhood there, until I was about 10, and I haven't been back in years. I drove around, and looked at all the places I remembered.

Some of them were the same, some of them were different. There's more and better restaurants there now. The buildings I used to live in look run down, and the parks I used to play in are now just piles of unsafe looking scrap where anything remains. There's not a lot that I miss about that town. A couple friends that I kind of wonder what happned to. The comic book shop is gone - I expected that, given that the owner's other shop in Oakville closed years ago. The castle by the river was being torn down around the time I moved away - and it probably needed to be, since it was soaked in urine, grafitti and cigarette butts from teenagers and other wanderers, and it was likely a fire hazard.

All in all, it's pretty much what I expected to find, really. I went because I wanted to get my nostalgia fix, and see how my memories matched what was there. What really struck me is how small a place it is.

On the plus side, Streetsville has what appears to be the closest Thai restaurant to the new office.