November 16th, 2005

smirking half-hawk


My mother shocked me Monday night - she's actually being reasonable about

We're going to skip birthday presents (hers and her mother's are the
day before mine), and xmas is going to be mostly gift certificates.
Scaled down, calm and reasonable. Wow.

This impending holiday has filled me with anxiety and dread since
childhood - it's always meant stress, tears and boredom, as we stress
out and fight to get ready to go visit the family in Woodstock, and
then mind-numbing boredom while there, or fight about decorating the
house, or get shoved around in tightly packed malls.

My ideal Christmas has as little Christmas as possible in it.

As a kid, there were two elements that I enjoyed about xmas - playing
board games with a big group as a family, and singing. The former no
longer takes place because some of the family won't play any more, and
not as many people make the trek out to Woodstock any more, so there's
just not enough people any more. The latter no longer takes place
because I'm aware of how awful my voice is, and also due to the
aforementioned lack of crtical mass of family.

It seems that this year is going to be a little less stressed than
usual, though we're still going to have to hit 4+ cities in as many
days, I think.

vacation time

I find myself with a weird problem - I have too much vacation time, and nothing to do with it.

I'm going to end up taking off either the week of Nov 28, or the following week (Dec 5) to use up my time before the break I'm taking at xmas. I'm not sure what I'm going to *do* with this week, other than dye my hair some unnatural shade (blue, ideally, but it'll likely depend on what kind of dye I can find when I get around to shopping for it).

Depending on his schedule, I will probably spend a day or two hanging out with corwin77, possibly taking a road trip to nowhere.

Other than that, I have no idea what to do with the week off. I don't have enough free cash to take an exciting trip to some exotic locale (i.e., anywhere I'd have to get a hotel room), and there isn't really anyone I know who could spend a week with me.

Any suggestions? What should a blue-haired monkey do for his first week of being 28 without spending much money? (comments screened - I'll unscreen most of them unless there's a reason not to)

If all else fails, I can just sit around in my underpants and play videogames and go to the gym, but that would feel rather like a waste of my blue hair. I suppose I could sit around in leather pants and eyeliner playing video games and going to the gym instead...

I also must make a decision on the length of my hair - it is getting to the big mop stage. I'm going to cut it shorter after the blue, but I need to rethink my plan of letting grow out to show off the unnatural colour better. I also still need to decide what colour I can use to cover up the blue/red/whatever, and the fate of the beard.

I want to know what you think.

Poll #613799 What should I do with my week off?

What should I do with my week off? (If you want your response screened, just say "see comment")


trim it back down to spikable length before colouring
Leave it wild before colouring
glow in the dark red!
keep the beard during freaky colour
lose the beard during freaky colour
go black after
try to go back to the dark red after
Just go brown - it'll go better with your beard
Red Hair Smile


I had a fantastic workout tonight. I remembered how to do my chi gung properly, which meant that I finished with more energy than I started with. The weight I put on over the past couple weeks decided to fall off today (it likely will be back late, but it made me feel good today)

After showering and changing, I went outside. AND IT WAS SNOWING! I was very happy. Then the post-workout endorphins hit. And kept coming in waves all the way home. I drove through light traffic (a first this week), dancing in my seat, with a grin from ear to ear. I cannot describe how good the endorphin rush is. If every workout made me feel that way, I'd be going to the gym every available moment. Better than any drug I've ever tried.

Upon getting home, I did some impromptu fridge repair, and whipped up a simple healthy dinner. Then, neeuqdrazil came home, and there was the cuddling.

I declare tonight a success.