December 20th, 2005

smirking half-hawk

More medical

On my way home now, then to work.

My doc's diagnosis is ventricular premature beats, triggered by anxiety. Her prescription is yoga - bodyflow at the gym is not enough .

My blood pressure is fine. Cholesterol ratio is still not ideal -- need to lose more weight.

Schedule physical for april.
smirking half-hawk

Medical fun

My appointment was at 9:40 this morning. It's now 12:15, and I am still waiting. I need to get a prescription renewed, and get the final word on the heart weirdness I had a while ago. I expect this to take 5-10 minutes, total.

This will tie up my last loose end with this doctor - hopefully, I can find one who will not require me to waste a day in a waiting room every 100 days or so.