March 18th, 2006

hair rainbow

A very brief review of the weekend up to this point, in random order

That was the most efficient move I have ever seen - we had thetamermaid's stuff loaded in about 30 minutes, and moved and unloaded about an hour later. In my world, moves take several weeks and importing people from far away places, like Woodstock. Post-move, there was an attempted furniture construction that did not qualify as performance carpentry.

Bards was good, as well - best performance carpentry evar!

Post-Bards, there was (non-green) beer, and good company.

Now, there has been chili, a little bit of wine, and a lot of snuggles and tv watching.

Soon, there will be pi, and pie.

Amusingly, while I managed to go through the move, and the furniture construction unscathed, after I left and was running to catch up with people to say goodbye, I stopped myself a little too quickly, and something in my right quad went *sproing*. I don't think it's serious, but I think I may be using a walking stick tonight. Lifting boxes, beds and such? No problem. Long gym workouts and martial arts drills? A breeze! 5 second sprint? Lethal. I can actually see the muscle that got pulled when I look at my leg. I find this very entertaining - again, not a serious long-term injury, I think, and therefore, it is funny.
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