April 11th, 2006

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RFI #1

I seem to recall that a few people have looked into online food trackers to keep track of calories, nutrients, etc. - does anyone care to recommend one? Some, thing that'll also track exercise would be even better.
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RFI #2

I'm looking for recommendations for tattoo artists in Southern Ontario. My ideal artist would be Leah Miller (did my right shoulder), who isn't working right now. I'm considering going to Daemon Rowanchilde (did the left shoulder), but I have reservations about the cost and the distance I'd have to travel to get stuff done by him, particularly since I have the next few designs pretty solidly worked out (I've given some thought to having him do some freehand "energywave" stuff later, once I get all my ideas onto my skin). So, aside from those two worthies, does anyone have someone they like? In Toronto would be better, since I don't know that I'd want to have a long drive with a big fresh tattoo on my back and a system of endorphins, but if the artist is good enough, I'd consider it.