June 10th, 2006

smirking half-hawk


I am dehydrated, and tired. I have been shopping for hours, and spending money always makes me tired.

After less than two weeks, my ipod is dead again. I'll have to try to take it back in for service tomorrow.

I have three LJ entries to respond to and three e-mails to write, all of which I am avoiding.

I am now going to drown my sorrows in reverse decadent cookies until it is time to go meet my parents for korean BBQ.
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rargh. Three. Good. Things.

About 5 minutes after I made my last whiny post, I tripped and bashed the hell out of my left hand, hard enough that I can still feel the force of the impact in my shoulder. My two middle fingers are swollen, but not broken.

iPod making grinding noises and a funny smell. Definitely dead.

Today is fired.

So, since everything seems to be going to hell; just Three. Good. Things.

  1. Yummy Korean BBQ with the family

  2. New case for my phone that seem much sturdier than the one actually made for it.

  3. The kilt fits, even if it was too cold to wear it today.