June 29th, 2006


while I wait for things to build

Working from home today while Car is in for maintenance.

I am sitting out on my balcony, and a thunderstorm has just broken, though without wind I am out of the rain. I can hear a cat meowing for attention from a nearby balcony.

I'm in a stupid mood. Stupid because I'm feeling lonely and want-y, and at the same time withdrawn and not wanting to reach out to anyone. I'm brooding over relationships, potential relationships and needs and wants.

I am also coming down with some sort of post-Pride cooties - my throat's been getting progressively more sore all week.

So, you know what that means; time for Just. Three. Good. Things.

  1. Getting to watch the intense thunderstorm raging away two feet from my chair, even if I can't go dance naked in it.

  2. BestBuy finally admitted that they can't fix my ipod, so I'm getting store credit towards purchase of a newer, shinier ipod as soon as I can get myself in there.

  3. I may be in a bad mood, but I haven't gotten spun out again. Angst, I can deal with - it passes.

Now, back to work, as much as I want to sit here and write LJ posts instead.
smirking half-hawk

Ah, so it's like that, is it?

I decided I wanted a little more lunch, so I went to the fridge to grab some salad.

When I opened the fridge, the milk fell out, spilling a good two or three cups of milk on the floor. I grumbled, and started to clean it up. When I reached for the cleaning spray, I knocked a pile of dishes of the counter onto a corningware that was sitting on the floor. One bowl shattered, and the corningware was cleanly sliced in two. The lid for the coringware exploded.

I cleaned all that up. I finally got my salad. And the heavy glass bowl that did in the corningware doesn't seem to have even a crack on it. Thankfully, I was still wearing my combat boots when that happened. (see? three good things)

The storm is getting heavier and closer. I'm still outside, but the wind shifting may finally drive me indoors.
smirking half-hawk

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I have a new ipod now. 60 GB, and heavily armoured. Hopefully, this one will last longer before being irredeemably damaged.

Yummy dinner was had. I managed to almost get as much work done as I had hoped.

From a bad afternoon, the day went well, in the end.