September 11th, 2006


Well,that sucked

Summer's definitely over. How do I know? The heating system kicked in at work today while I was at the gym, for the first time since last winter. I now know that the hvac system here has the same problem as the old office - during the off-season, mold grows in the system, which I happen to be very allergic to.

Connsequently, my gym workout got cut short by coughing and my throat closing.I took a hit off of my inhaler in the hopes of finshing my workout, but my breathing didn't recover fully, and I was starting to get dizzy and shaky, so I grabbed my stuff and stumbled outside to where the air was less toxic.

Now I am sitting in my car waiting for the shaking and wheezing to subside so I can drive home.

Written on the futurephone at 6:03pm EST.