October 5th, 2006


Top Five, TV edition

After almost missing Heroes this season, I'm wondering what else is going on on TV that I don't know about. Zil and I pretty much only watch House and NCIS regularly, and rarely channel surf.

So - what are your five favourite TV shows right now?


Today, I am blond. Tomorrow, I will be purple-haired.

I am gently testing the dress code today - technically, my black army shirt is permitted by the dress code, while looking different enough to make me happy.

It is time for me to go buy more work clothes to replace the ones that shouldn't be worn any more due to wear and tear. I am hoping to decrease the amount of black, button up dress shirts in favour of more "dress sweaters" (whatever that means) and turtlenecks. First, though, I have a couch to buy and pay for.
Little Cthulu

Creativity Meme

Carried on from about half of my flist;

The first five people to respond to this post will get some form of art, by me.
I make no guarantees about what medium it will be, and it might take some time
since I really really have next to no time, but I assure that I will give it
good effort and that each piece of art will be special.

The only catch is, as with most memes, if you sign up you have to put this in
your own journal as well.

Before you request something, keep in mind what you know of my sense of aesthetic. Whatever I make is likely to be at least a little creepy.