December 18th, 2006

smirking half-hawk

Update on me

My LJ's been mostly content free lately. I've been in a pretty foul mood, and trying to avoid whiny posts. Without dwelling on the reasons for my funk, I will just say that there were a fair number of reasons.

Things took a turn for the better last week. neeuqdrazil and I got some much needed processing done, and while we didn't come to any resolutions, the discussions cleared the air and significantly lowered my stress levels.

I've got vacation time starting in two days, and my shiny new work laptop has returned to me. Planned implementations that would have required significant outlays of unpaid overtime were cancelled.

I had a very good weekend, starting with a first date with someone shiny, moving on to a Saturday filled with parties, massages and sushi, wrapping up with one of the most low stress family holiday gatherings I can recall.

I've got a good week ahead of me, with promising amounts of slack and socializing. Most of my GrumpMas stuff is done and out of the way.

My life, it does not suck.