December 22nd, 2006

smirking half-hawk


This Saturday night, EBM party at Funhaus, no cover. It's my only cahnce to go out dancing with my newly infrared hair. I will be there. Anyone want to come keep me company?

Jan 6th, Dark Rave. I missed the last one, and have been looking forward to this one. Then I see - all ages. Drat. Team-up with Double-drat. I'm still going. Come save me from the teenaged vampires.
smirking half-hawk


I made it - from sunset to sunrise, I stayed awake and kept vigil over the light through the longest night. The Wolf didn't eat the sun while it was gone, and the Sun King made it back. I may have a more coherent report on the night, but I need more sleep to do that, I think. However, the sun is up, and I'm hungry. I think I'll wait for neeuqdrazil to wake up and see if I can talk her into going for breakfast.
smirking half-hawk

I love you, and you and you

I finally watched the documentary the CBC aired a little while ago on polyamory. Make by a UK crew, and using two US poly families, I think they did a decent job, considering that they only had an hour. They focussed mostly on heterosexual, long-term committed relationships, and glossed over a lot - but they only had an hour. Neither of the two families they shadowed quite matched what I usually see among poly folk I know, though the first was pretty close. The second family was.. well, a "dominant" man with a wife, and two live-in girlfriends, one of whom was clearly not poly by nature, but lived there anyway.

As presented, a poly life really doesn't seem like it is worth the trouble at the best of times, and the second family gave me the wiggins a few times. The film left out any sense of a polyamorous community - both examples of new people being brought into the relationships are of monoamorous people being uncomfortable with the situation.

One blogger presents some of the less-favourable reactions from the UK media.

I have the thing on VHS, should anyone want to borrow it.