May 3rd, 2007

Red Hair Tongue

Decisions, decisions

Tax refund arrived today. Do I spend it on body work on the car? Or put it into a savings account to sit and build interest for an eventual house down payment or other emergencies? (Emergencies like the car needing body work?) Hrm.

In other news, does anyone know a reputable body shop in Toronto?
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smirking half-hawk

What a beautiful day...

Since I had sewing class after work, my workout happened at lunch instead of my usual time today. It was beautiful weather - perfect, cloudless blue sky, warm but not hot (16 C), and a light breeze. Work's far enough north that I couldn't see the brown smog layer over TO. I had wanted to go outside to read, but exercise needed to happen. Instead of doing my usual treadmill etc. inside, I braved the cloud of smokers and went for a run around the area.

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