June 21st, 2007

smirking half-hawk


Survival by Julie Czerneda

Book one of the Species Imperative trilogy. I loved these books. There's romance, but it's not gooey and romance novelly. There's Canada, but it's not "OH LOOK, CANADA!" like a lot of books that are set there are. Good characters, and a pretty good job on aliens that feel alien. I highly recommend these to anyone who likes SF.

Migration by Julie Czerneda

Book 2.

Regeneration by Julie Czerneda

I was so caught up in these books that I skipped ahead; I should have gone on toa "Serious" book here, but I had to finish the series.

The Magician's Reflection by Bill Whitcomb

I came back to this for a few chapters; read a few, and did some exercises. I think on the next burst of work I may come close to finishing. The end result will be a magical system of my own devising to work with. It may not be the system I end up using forever, but it'll be mine.

smirking half-hawk


Woke with the sun this morning, though didn't get out of bed until the alarm went off.

Too much caffeine today. Scatterbrained. I have many things written on my hand because I've had the short term memory of a kitten on ecstasy. Including posts to make. That I'm not going to make. Because I'm going to bed.

Maybe even to sleep!