July 12th, 2007

smirking half-hawk


I got a lot of what I needed last night and this morning. I'm in a much better mood today.

I have a couple remaining itches. I should be able to get those scratched this weekend, though. Among them, doing some more creative work; I have some GameNerd illustrations pending, and could stand to pick up some material for more sewing projects.

I definitely needed a hard, angry workout yesterday, and I got one.

Good things from today;

  • The caf had "Indian Lentil soup" which was actual tadka daal, one of my favourites, and also allowed me to continue my minimal meat week.

  • Despite insufficient sleep last night, I'm not especially tired today.

  • Figure drawing last night! Imposter syndrome kept mostly quiet.

Very short workout tonight; not enough sleep last night, and my legs are loudly proclaiming the effectiveness of last night's workout.
smirking half-hawk


So, who do I know who's going to Kaleidoscope? I'm trying to figure out where mycrazyhair, tormenta and I are going to set up. I think the Obstacle Course is a little too busy for my tastes, so I think we're trying to find some other people to share a clearing with.

This year, I will not be bringing the Big Orange Canvas Tent. But I will be bringing the gazebo.