October 18th, 2007

smirking half-hawk


How does one go about cleaning leather? I have a few leather items (bracers, a collar, etc.) that I have worn dancing a few times. Which means that I've sweat in them, a lot, to the point where they're salt-stained and, in one case, kind of smelly from the retained sweat. Are they salvagable?


My zombie mask is done! I am glad I have a powerful fan to aid the drying of paint and papier mache. So, I have all my props and everything for Bards tomorrow night. I've done a dry run including pre-amble. I am nervous as hell.

I still need to pack for tomorrow, and get some stuff together so that I will be ready to run to the video shoot saturday once I get back.

We will need to be leaving the appt in less than 6 hours to get Liz to her plane on time. I should be in bed soon.