October 19th, 2007

smirking half-hawk


The caffeine has kicked in and my brain is racing.

And not thinking about work of course - that would be madness!

My thought is this; have TV writers started deliberately putting in slashy tension between male characters, is it a side-effect of the popular TV writing style these days, or has it always been there, and it is just that geeks have become aware of/started imaginging everywhere in our post-irony age of meta-content?
smirking half-hawk

brain whirring wildly

Caffinated brain still whirring away on random topics. Right now, it is designing clothes for Kaledioscope and general weirdness wear.

  • A hooded robe made of sarong-weight black fabric. Slit on the sides to waist level with waist-ties to fit, like Thai fisherman's pants. Ideally, it's have some sort of tie or fastener at the wrist, too. With the ties, it should work as both a sun shield and a lightweight bug screen, while the light material should allow sweat to be wicked away.

  • Black polar fleece hakama, for cold nights at bardic.

  • Arm-warmers, either wool or black polar fleece, with decorative touches on the back of the hand and along the length.

  • A jacket of some kind of warm material (though maybe not *more* black polar fleece) with pleats along the length of the sleeves, with a sort of cape-let of sheer pleated dark material along the back, most likely with a hood.

  • Wrap pants with nifty cuffs of some kind (i.e., find some nifty fabric to put on the bottom, or silk-screen something myself)

  • Utility belt of doom; instead of carry a man-purse or using my kilt pockets on a normal belt, I am imagining a heavy belt (probably fabric, at least the first try) with alternating snap-on pouches and loops that carabiners and the like can clip onto. Good for any time I'm wearing a garment with no pockets, espcially for things like kscope where I want to keep a flashlight and bug repellant with me at all times.

I really need to get a small, durable sketchbook for my backpack kit.