October 22nd, 2007

smirking half-hawk

high speed weekend review

Friday: Bards; a lot of very talented preformers. Also, me; my voice cracked several times while singing, and my voice and legs were shaking with nerves. But I did it without dying or forgetting any of the lyrics, so that's something.

Saturday: Flaked on the video shoot due to tired. Warmed the Den of Decadence (proposed new name).

Sunday: Pancakes! Discovered that Alton Brown's buttermilk pancakes can a) be made without buttermilk, in a pinch, and b) can be made vegan in a pinch, and are still yummy, especially with raspberries and chocolate chips. And port wine sauce or ice wine maple syrup. After that, there was Glamour! After *that*, there was a workshop involving plums, lollypops and life savers and some very useful information.

Tonight: I will be out yet again, so Stitch and Bitch won't be happening.

Tomorrow: I go out at OhGod O'Clock to get my Lizard back, take her home and then go back out to work.