October 31st, 2007


posting about posting

Because I keep coming up with ideas, and not doing anything about them because I forget:

Pending creative endeavours

  • LJ post: Where Is My Mind: A meta-magical examination of my state of mind of late.

  • Microfic of the day (goal: one per day for November)

  • WorldBuilding: Making magic; designing a function ficton from the magic up

  • Neologism: SpellPunk

  • Finish up zombie raver outfit

  • Build my own Brass Goggles; I have the materials, just need to spend an hour or so with the dremel. Sadly, won't have time before NeoVictiorian Nightmares.

  • Caged Faerie: will require me learning how to do wiring.

I will be taking suggestions for microfic topics as I try to post one microfic per day.