November 28th, 2007

smirking half-hawk


I have had myself one damned good birthday.

I spent the entire day wandering the city, meeting friends who bought me food and/or alcohol. Seriously.

* Carribean breakfast with ice_scratchin_b
* Stopped to buy myself a whack of comic books
* Lunch with mycrazyhair
* Went to the pub to have hot chocolate with bailey's, where the hot waitress chatted me up over the comic I was reading (Buffy Season 8)
* Met pez_minotaur for a long trip through the Summerhill LCBO. I decided that I wouldn't buy 30 year old scotch. It costs around $300-400. Even if I could convince myself to buy it, I'd never let myself drink it. So, after a pass through the tasting tower, I got a bottle of ardbeg and a bottle of glen scotia instead.
* Then we went back to the pub so Pez could have lunch. He got me brie, beer and ice cream.
* Back home, neuqdrazil took me out for a swanky dinner up the street.

We finished up with Heroes and cuddles. I am very pleased with my birthday. :)

Also: thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday in all the various media!