February 1st, 2008

smirking half-hawk

working from home

The weather forecast today is calling for "every kind of bad weather imaginable". I do not feel like driving in that, so I am safely ensconced in my office at home. There may be a trip to the gym at 4. Working from here means i can continue to poke the sick new computer throughout the day, and maybe get some laundry done.
smirking half-hawk


From a work e-mail;

Jean Day is Friday February 8 – wear a hockey jersey

We need everyone to wear their favorite hockey jersey or sports top with their jeans. Buy tickets to support our PC Children’s Charity and be entered in a draw to win one of the following prizes.

I am totally wearing my old gi top from jujutsu that day. It is a sports top!
brass goggles

Halloween - foiled again!

So, I have been starting to accumulate stuff for a Mad Scientist costume of Hallowe'en (or, you know, whenever mad science calls). I have a pretty clear picture in my mind how I want the outfit to look.

Then, yesterday, I realise that Dr. Steel has already got the exact outfit I was working on, right down to the pair of boots I had in mind for it.

I am amused.

In other costumy news, my second set of goggles is done. Parts of them glow in the dark. The respirator paint job still needs some work, but since I wasn't planning to take that to Dark Rave Saturday, I'm okay with that.