March 9th, 2008

Head Goggles

whee (iaminsane)

The clock claims that it's almost 5am. I think that chocolate cake had caffeine in it.

Regardless, I've finished my first attempt at modifying a modern dress shirt to give it a more Victorian/steampunk edge (by no means historically accurate, but it works better with a cravat). I also finally cleaned up and edged my cravat, and tried it out after pressing it. The neckline looks much nicer when its been pressed first, and the neck is much more comfortable with the modified shirt.

I still can't sew straight, but that'll come with practice. I also picked up a couple more vests and a nice tie today, so I'm getting to the point where I actually have a few neovictorian/steampunk outfits, particularly once I pick up my Gentleman's Emporium order next week.

It may just be time for a photoshoot, if I can get someone to take pictures for me while I run around and change clothes frequently.

I went to visit my riding boots today, too. The stretching didn't add enough room, so they're going to add a slit and a couple of buckles so I can adjust the top five inches or so. This should give me enough room to tuck various pants into them.

Due to the Snowpocalypse, my date for tonight got cancelled, since neither of us had the energy to leave the house again. Hence the sewing.

Tomorrow will be date rain check, and laundry. Of course, if I don't go to sleep soon, it will *be* tomorrow.

There must have been something in that cake...

Some Late Friday Fives

From thefridayfive

1. What song would you sing to your newborn child? (OR if you already had a child, which song did you sing to him/her?)

Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains, Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat and Chelsea Hotel no 2., It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen...

You know, it's best that I got fixed, really.

2. How do you think animals think? (i.e. in animal language, human language, etc.)

This question is built on a mountain of weird assumptions.

3. As a child, did you have a dream to make a difference in the world? Can you describe your dream?


4. Do you believe in God/a Higher Being?

Yes, but not in the way most people mean it. (Thou art god)
Also, no, not really.

5. Do you believe in aliens?

Yes, but not in the way most people mean it. (Thou art god)
Also, no, not really.

From the altfriday5:

1. Do you often have songs stuck in your head? Does it bother you? What sort of songs get stuck for you?

Almost always. I have a soundtrack that plays almost constantly. I prefer to have music playing unless I'm doing something else to introduce variety to my mental soundtrack.

2. Do you converse with yourself in your head? How distinct are the pieces (from "I'm alone in there" to "there are several distinct people who inhabit our body")?

All the time. Sometimes the component parts of my personality are extremely distinct.

3. How easy it is for you to do math in your head?

I have to draw it first - I "write" on my mental canvas to do math.

4. How easy is it for you to visualize things in your head?

My mind's eye is as continuous and constant as my soundtrack. I have a continuous head's up display that I always imagine to be somewhere in the region of my forehead that's always got imagery of some kind on it.

5. Anything else we should know about that's going on in your head?

There are probably a few things. That doesn't mean I'm going to tell you what they are. It might help you steal my robot bee!
smirking half-hawk

New book purchases

Logging them so I can put them onto the shelves and not lose track of them.

Warren Ellis' Crooked Little Vein
Dust by Elizabeth Bear
Whiskey and Water by Elizabeth Bear
Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff (which is around here... somewhere damn it.)