April 16th, 2008

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Booklog update (where booklog refers to books I've read, as opposed to book*list* which is books I *want* to read. Arbitrary distinction, I know).

1.The Book of Lies by Disinformation Press (Richard Metzger, ed.)

There's going to be an essay-by-essay review of this later. I'm glad to be finished with this one, while it wasn't as bad as Everything You Know Is Wrong. Also, it's not *that* Book of Lies - this is, you know, the other one.

2.Cursor's Fury by Jim Butcher

The third in the Codex Alera series. I didn't like this as much as I did the first two - I felt the romance plots were sort of tacked on to the military fiction that dominated. I'm still attached enough to the bigger story arc and characters to keep going though. I certainly didn't hate it, and I'm definitely going to read book 4 when it's in paperback.

3.Tourmaline by Paul Park

The mediocre follow-up to the promising A Princess of Roumania. Park seems dead set on stripping all the characters of everything that made them engaging and interesting int he first book. I still think the setting is cool, but the charcters are sort of having the plot happen *at* them; they seem to have no agency whatsoever, and by the end I was getting a little annoyed. I would have been willing to tough it out for the third book, White Tyger, except that I discovered that it is not a trilogy - there's a fourth book coming, and no indication of how many books long the series will be. I'm not willing to make that kind of a commitment of my meagre reading time to a series that isn't working for me any more.

Book of Lies dragged in large chunks, so I read the other two in bits and pieces on weekends while avoid the Book of Lies. I'm most of the way done another "not serious" book, so when that's done, I'll have to go back to something more serious. But definitely not something that was put out by Disinformation Press. I'm thinking a nice light book on cultural or gender studies.
smirking half-hawk


mycrazyhair and I are planning to hit a patio somewhere tomorrow evening. Current front-runners are The Rebel House in Rosedale and Allen's on the Danforth.

Anyone want to come along? Any other location suggestions?

I'm going to call some time tomorrow and see if they'll take reservations.