July 8th, 2008



Last night, I may have slightly overdid it at the gym. No injury, but I'm still feeling wiped and shakey the next day. This meant I was pretty tightly wound and cranky last night (apologies to the stich and bitchers who had to put up with me being surly while ironing).

I broke two sewing machine needles sewing the belt loops on the utility belt before I figured out what not to do.

Around 11, as I was finishing up the sewing, I heard from outside somewhere and angry, at least slightly drunken male voice scream "Shut the god damned door!", followed by the clear sound of a slap, skin on skin, and an adult female voice shouting "Ow!" I went out on the balcony to try to figure out where the sound was coming from, but I couldn't hear anything else.

This morning, there was a note up in the elevator about a man trying to get into our building, having threatened someone who wouldn't let him in that he'd "be back".

Some days, I think I don't own enough weaponry.