October 4th, 2008

smirking half-hawk

A lesson learned

I have been making a frame to hold up a duct tape dressmaker's form. In the process, I learned that they no longer make adjustable mitre boxes, and that the one I bought is 5" and the lumber I bought was 6". I also learned that the saw that came with the mitre box is not very good.

My dad's old drill, which he got as a bday present when I was about one, finally gave up the ghost. I went out and got a new drill (with built in level! ooh!), and tried it out. It's uh, a bit more powerful that the old one. It ripped the 1" piece of wood in half. Lesson? Be careful with the new drill.

I finally have a stand for the form, now, so all I need to do now is fill it with expanding foam and a) not have it explode, and b) destroy the balcony.

Then all I have to do is make a lab coat from scratch, no pattern, in a month. No problem!