January 5th, 2009

smirking half-hawk

Three good things

When you're in a bad mood and the world seems awful, come up with just... three... good... things.

  1. New music! I went on an itunes spree after grumpmas, and I'm especially loving the new Voltaire stuff I got (especially Ooky Spooky and Now and Then). "Death Death (Devil Devil Evil Evil Song)", "Coin Operated Goi", and "Zombie Prostitute" make me laugh, while "Goodnight Demonslayer" and "Happy Song" are touching.

  2. Dancing! I got to go out dancing for hours Saturday, and I can still walk today. While Savage closing is sad, dancing makes me happy. I'm also going to be signing up for a Contact Improv class, so I'll finally learn how to dance with a partner.

  3. Productivity! I managed to spend some of my time on vacation learning new skills, finishing a skirt mod, and getting the cutting done for another project. I also managed to get out of bed and out the door for work early this morning. I would have arrived early, too, if it hadn't been for the intersection of Bathurst and Eglinton being closed.

smirking half-hawk


To round of 2008...

29. New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear

Magic, vampires and zeppelins! Bear's alternate universe paints an America still under British rule, and where magic is as much a part of every day life as the technology the Industrial Revolution has brought. I especially loved the character of Abby Irene. But then, I would. It's been a while since anyone got me to enjoy a vampire book.

30. The Merchant's War by Charles Stross

Book four in Stross' Family Trade books. It feels a bit like a middle book, which it is - a lot of stuff happens, and nothing gets resolved. I'm glad, though, that the series has a defined end - there are supposed to be two more books until things get tied up. I'm still enjoying the books, but I am glad there's an end in sight.

I have a stack waiting for me, and I'm slogging my way through Neal Stephenson's Anathem right now.
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Recipe for cholesterol pie (vegetarian version)

It's actually a frittata.

10 eggs
1 block of jarlsberg cheese
parmigian cheese
a dozen or so sun-dried tomatoes (oil-packed)
3 cloves garlic
4 or 5 shallots
a bunch of pine nuts

Grate the cheese
Toast the pine nuts
Sautee the shallots and garlic, and toss the sun-dried tomatoes in.
Mix the eggs well with a whisk (or a fork, or whatever)
Toss the eggs, shallots, garlic, tomatoes and 1/3 of the cheese in a deep, oven safe pan, stir slightly and let sit over heat until it starts to set
Toss on the rest of the jarlsberg and parmigian with the pine nuts on top, and place under the broiler until it's all toasty.

I moved mine to the oven too soon, so my topping ended up mixed into the filling more than I had intended. Still tasted good though.