April 10th, 2009

smirking half-hawk


Good: Got some sewing gadgets last night, including cases to store my thread and bobbins. No more tangled mass in a plastic bag!
Good: Got some work done on shirtmod #2
Good: Got caught up on TV last night (Heroes, Fringe, Dollhouse)
Good: Got my backup strategy figured out, so tar is now happily churning away dumping 250 GB to my windows box. When that's done, I get to fiddle with the RAID and see if I can manage to *not* blow it up.
Bad: Apparently the last ep of Dollhouse isn't going to air. Dear Fox; WTF.
Bad: I got caught up fiddling with the backups, and didn't check the gym's hours until noon. They close at two. So I guess I'm gymming tomorrow, and should get laundry done today.

Now, I have successfully managed pants, and it is time to go get some lunch.