October 2nd, 2009

smirking half-hawk

Things I am tired of hearing

[On seeing me washing my lunch dishes at work]
"You're going to make someone a good wife some day!" (from a male executive. my ex-uncle once made the same comment on seeing me cook.)

[On a guy knowing what colour his shirt is]
"Oh, your wife has you really well trained!"

Because washing dishes, cooking, and fashion sense are all "women's work". What century is this again?
smirking half-hawk

As my calendar gently weeps...

I am trying to figure out my vacation time for next year. Because hey, the earlier I book it, the less chance I have of being turned down because someone else got it first.

I'm trying to think of events to try to hit in 2010. My list so far:

Anything else I should be considering? I'm up to 20 days of vaction a year, so in theory I could do *all* the stuff on the list currently, though I might want to save *some* vacation time for stuff that's not a convention of some sort (and that calculation assumes time taken for grumpmas visiting).