Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

late ass weekend report

I am full of sloth!

Anyway the weekend;


Friday was BELCH. There were prezzies, and ps2, and boozination. And Pez losing a battle with his cot. And MonkeyMilk.


Saturday, we slept late. Then N__W, Pez, the Lizard and I all trekked up northish for the Solstice celebration (a day early, but close enough). There was a very big fire. Pez, N__W and I ran around hauling wood from various places to burn, which I enjoyed.

About half way through, I made a wee offering of cloves and whiskey to the fire (both are things I associate with me) and similarly ate a clove and drank a sip of whiskey to symbolize something that I haven't quite worked out yet. Around midnight, we headed back to TO and left the huge pile of red hot coals to glow.


We did NOTHING! And it was fabulous. Nothing got done all day except playing video games and reading.
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