Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

happy fucking new year

I have had somewhere near 30 "standard drinks" this evening. And yet, I don't think I did much thatr I w9ould condider beyond the pale this evening. I am staying up drinking water for while,so that I don't die of death and booze.

It might be argued that I hav too much self-control since I didn';t do "X" "Y" or "Z" despite having consumed amost enbnohg alcohol to kill me.

If anyone woyuld liek some excess self-control, I have more than I need or can use.

Hrm. I will prollty throw up before I go to sleep. How unfortunqate. Botheer. I am not current;ly weraing trousers.

At least I am guaranteed to not vomit on my trousers, since I dinbd;t bring a bakup pair.

I am almosty asleep0 one way or another.

Much love and affecvtion andf smhooces and more is offereed to neeuqdrazil and tafkar. And I should add that that is rewly fuckign hard to spell right now.

I sstop nopw be uzcar spellin g ihs hard,
Tags: booze

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