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We're cleaning! Not just tidying, but actually cleaning! This is something I've been wanting to do for a couple months, but time and energy have both been in short supply. My body is still complaining loudly about the extent of my revels on the 31st, so the energy is quite what I'd like (read: I would rather be flaked out playing Ratchet and Clank or Monkey Island 2). But we've already got more done than I thought we had energy for, so we're doing fairly well.

And yeah, for those who didn't notice, I got Too Drunk on New Year's Eve... I really shouldn't do that any more, since it makes my organs hurt. I'm getting too old for this shit... I need to remember that, as I do with food, I will consume whatever I have in front of me, particularly when I'm stressed (and that's what happened in my head when the sudden onslaught of physicists arrived; I freaked and started drinking heavily). I had originally mixed a reasonable amount of booze, but then decided that I might as well finish of the bottle of vodka since it was almost empty ("almost" being 5oz left, which I mixed with 5 oz. of kahlua, making the water bottle filled with, in total, 18 oz of pre-mixed black russians). I drank the whole thing, of course, after journeying across Scotland pretentiously with night__watch.

The hangover the next day was pretty mild for one of mine; I didn't pray for death once. I just... slept a long time.

Quick recap of the week before new years; as usual, Christmas "vacation" was tight bundles of stress intermixed with eye-stabbing boredom. Still hate Christmas. I spent 4 of my 10 vacation days on this thing, and today is the first of them that I've gotten any relaxation from. Back to work on Monday where there is a large stress bundle waiting for me like an elephant turd wrapped with ribbons and bows.

I don't tend to do New Year's resolutions... There a re a lot of things I want to do, some of which I will, many of which I won't.
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