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As the weather's gotten colder and colder this week, I've been adding things to my outfit to deal with the cold. Today, I finally reached the point where I can walk around without feeling painfully cold.

I feel absurdly proud of this achievement, as though I've done something patriotic.

Except for the small exposed patches of skin on my face, I was actually fairly comfortable walking in from the bus stop this morning. My hair still froze solid, and I was out of breath from breathing through my drippy nose (breathing through one's mouth will fog up glasses much more quickly when one is wearing a scarf across one's breathing apparatus).

Also, I was amused because it was an excuse to walk into work looking like an Inuit ninja.

In other news, I had a crappy night last night. I'm very tired now, but I feel like caffeine would kill me right now. My bad luck continues; winamp has decided that it won't run this morning, so no music for me.
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